Soul For Advertising

About Us

Soul Advertising..

Soul advertising is a specialized advertising company.

We provide integrated advertising services.

We organize exhibitions and conferences.

We work to enhance your product marketing.

There are many sections in our company which are available to your service as:

Logos, Prints, Gifts, Outdoor & Web Design.

Our prints as brochures, medicine boxes, fliers and cartons characterized with high quality print and perceptive concepts.

We are the pioneers in gifts as we have laser machine for making and printing on Wood, Acrylic & Glass.

Also machine for printing on Mugs, T-shirts, Caps, Pens & Plates.

Our Aims..

Creating plans to make the best marketing you need to your product.

Presenting unique ideas that make you satisfied to deliver your product in appropriate way.

    Cairo Branch

    New Cairo, First Gathering
    33 Fourth Neighboring

    Phone: +2 0100 10 25 771

    Tanta Branch

    Kohafa,Elkholfaa Elrashdeen Towers
    Omar Ibn ElKhattab(B)Tower

    Phone: (+2040) 328 12 21
    Mobile: +2 0120 69 73 078