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Finding a cheap method to do this could provide clean hydrogen

The production of tears is essentially semi automatic. Gravity or capillary action draws this fluid onto the eye’s surface and when the duct becomes overwhelmed or blocked, the excess spill tears out of the lower eye and down our cheeks. Strong tear stimulation is accompanied by other symptoms, like reddening of the face and convulsive breathing.

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canada goose store So what can we learn from Nature’s expertise in refinement? What if we developed technologies that mimicked the best machinery developed from eons of evolution? Photosynthesis, the ubiquitous process that converts solar energy to usable chemical fuel that serves as the foundation for all life on Earth, is a prime example. As fossil fuels dwindle, scientists hope to replicate plant photosynthesis using human made materials to store light as chemical energy in hydrogen, which has three times the energy density of gasoline. Finding a cheap method to do this could provide clean hydrogen fuel as the basis for a future, fossil fuel free economy. So far, attempts have succeeded in reproducing the basic process but have had difficulties keeping devices stable for long periods of time. Now, a recent study1 may have found a solution, bringing artificial photosynthesis closer to a practical reality. canada goose store

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