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for me, i think it is worth $250 tho

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Canada Goose online Tbh, to your average person, all this shit about loopwheeling and heavyweight long staple cotton picked by virgins or some shit is really just a bunch of unnecessary bullshit, but to me, it something i rather interested in. what it will always amount to, when you discussing expensive items, is that the value of an item is what you put it into it. if you don think that sweatshirt is worth $250, then for you, it not worth $250. for me, i think it is worth $250 tho. what important is to keep everything in perspective and not let yourself think that someone else valuation of an item is wrong or bad. just as i wouldn look down on you for buying a uniqlo sweatshirt instead of the real mccoys, you shouldn look down on me for buying the real mccoys instead of uniqlo. Canada Goose online

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