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obese individuals, suggesting that gut dysbiosis could further

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Canada Goose Outlet In an article published in the journal Molecular Aspects of Medicine, scientists considered the relationship between the gut microbiome, obesity and insulin resistance. Their research was astonishing, and concluded that gut microorganisms do indeed affect functions like ingestion, energy harvest, energy expenditure and fat storage, all of which impact the development and maintenance of obesity (7). Furthermore, significant differences were noted in the metabolic activity of the gut microbiome of lean vs. obese individuals, suggesting that gut dysbiosis could further exacerbate to the development of obesity or diabetes. (7) In another study, researchers found a promising link between the gut microbiome and fat mass development, insulin resistance and low grade inflammation, all of which are common characteristics of obesity. (8) Many of the key players involved in the control of fat mass development were also linked to the gut, while inflammation was also attributed to dysbiosis of certain plasma levels. (8) Canada Goose Outlet

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