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The focus of ambulatory surgery centers is on providing same

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canada goose store It is important to bear in mind that ambulatory surgery centers do not function as a substitute for hospitals; they are not intended to. ASCs treat patients who have already consulted with a primary healthcare provider and chosen surgery as the appropriate course of action. They are not health clinics, urgent care centers, or doctors’ offices. The focus of ambulatory surgery centers is on providing same day surgical care, as well as select corollary services such as pain management and diagnostic screenings. Essentially, ambulatory surgery centers occupy the middle ground of the American health care ecosystem. The procedures that they conduct are more advanced than what you would find in a typical doctor’s office, but not so intensive as to necessitate an overnight or prolonged stay in a hospital. You can begin to see how, through specialization, ambulatory surgery centers are able to keep costs down and devote more of their energies to providing high quality patient care canada goose store.

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